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Books on China's response to COVID-19 distributed in Nepal

KATHMANDU, May 23 (Xinhua) -- The Nepal Overseas Chinese Business Association (NOCBA) has distributed books based on the first-hand experience of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in China.

The "Wuhan in Coronavirus Lockdown: Stories of Courage and Determination" published in Nepali language by Makalu Publication House will be distributed to ministers, leaders, government officials, entrepreneurs, among other prominent figures of Nepal or working in Nepal. The association purchased 200 books from the publisher for distribution on Friday.

"I learned about many things like how COVID-19 was first seen in China, how the authorities imposed lockdown in Wuhan and how residents supported, hospital construction in a short span of time, role of health professionals and frontline workers, as well as the preventive and control measures of the government," said Nepali Ambassador to China Mahendra Bahadur Pandey after reading the book.

"It really reflects the determination of the government and courage of Chinese people to fight against the virus," said Pandey, stressing that the book can be a good lesson for other countries. "It is important to implement those learned lessons."

The publisher said readers and policymakers can learn several aspects of the coronavirus, including the technique of intervention, the measures of curtailing it from the experience of Chinese people through the book. Rajandra Dhakal, managing director at Makalu Publication House said the book can encourage and guide others to deal with COVID-19.

Though the publisher has not been able to send books to the market because of the ongoing lockdown, copies of books were sent to high-level officials.