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The Alataw Pass cross-border e-commerce packages for export exceeding 10 million in a single month

Xinjiang Daily news (Reporter Yang Shuhan, Chen Qiangwei, Zheng Zhuo): At 17:20 on May 29, 2020, as the Alataw Pass customs staff pressed the system key, the declaration of 500,000 cross-border e-commerce packages for export has been successfully processed, marking a single monthly export in only 29 days in May of cross-border e-commerce packages exceeding 10 million, reaching 10.1 million, with a value of 32.6 million US dollars.

The Alataw Pass launched its cross-border e-commerce export retail business on January 21, 2020. By April 11, the cumulative export of cross-border e-commerce packages exceeded 1 million. Since May, the number of export packages surged at the Alataw Pass, demonstrating a booming growth trend of the cross-border e-commerce export retail business.

In order to promote the development of cross-border e-commerce business at the Alataw Pass, the local customs is dedicated to continuous innovations in relating to in-advance customs declaration and clearance of “the Alataw Pass cross-border e-commerce freight train”, continuously improving the efficiency of customs clearance. According to a customs official, “Currently, the main freight routes departing the Alataw Pass are 12 lines, such as Changan (Xi’an-Xinjiang-Europe), Chengdu-Xinjiang-Eruope, Chongqing-Xinjiang-Eruope, Zhengzhou-Xinjiang-Europe, Wuhan-Xinjiang-Europe, etc..

At present, international well-known e-commerce companies like Alibaba, Amazon, Universal Translink, Yanwen Express and DHL are stationed at the Alataw Pass Comprehensive Bonded Zone. The cross-border e-commerce packages for export are mainly toys, furniture, clothing, daily necessities, etc., which are sent to Belgium and Germany by freight train.