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Fuhai County in Altay Prefecture: livestock transferring to summer pasture

  Tianshannet news (Reporter Sun Fangting, Correspondent Ardaq Baskhan): On June 1, 2020, at the Sharbulak spring and autumn pasture in Fuhai County of Altay Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, herdsmen began their journey driving flocks of sheep along the ancient “Thousand-Mile Livestock Path” to transfer to the mountainous summer pasture, marking the beginning of one million livestock transferring in the Altay region.

  The herdsmen drive their cattle and sheep, with building materials of yurt and daily necessities tied to camels, on their way to the summer pasture.

  The livestock path, leading from Gila Grand Canyon in Fuhai County through Sharbulak to Hongshanzui, is the longest livestock path in Altay Prefecture with a one-way length of nearly 480 kms. It is also the path that the largest number of livestock has taken and will take for transferring, where the cultural inheritance has been preserved well and intact. As a result, the “Thousand-Mile Livestock Path” can be seen as typical of livestock transferring in the Altay region, and becomes the key for Fuhai County to promote livestock transferring cultural tourism.

  The spectacular scene of transferring one million fat-tailed sheep in Altay has become a unique cultural tourism resource.