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Three agricultural products in Xinjiang have been recognized by the EU

Xinjiang Daily news (Reporter Ren Hua): The reporter learned from the Xinjiang Administration for Market Regulation that Korla pear, Turpan raisin and Jinghe goji berry have been registered as the first batch of 100 Chinese geographical indications (GI) products, meaning that these products will be protected in the EU according to the China-EU GIs agreement.

Being registered in the China-EU GI list means that Korla pear, Turpan raisin and Jinghe goji berry are entitled to using the official certification mark of the EU, will be recognized by EU consumers and the international reputation will be further enhanced.

The China-EU geographical indications agreement is the first significant bilateral trade agreement signed by the EU and China, guaranteeing that 100 GI products of the EU and China will be protected in each other’s markets, thereby ensuring mutual respect for each other’s agricultural traditions, providing an opportunity to strengthen the high-level protection of characteristic products of both parties.