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The autumn scenery in the Irtysh grand canyon,Xinjiang

During the past few days, the Keketuohai scenic spot in Fuyun County of Altay Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, has become a hot spot for many tourists, who have come from afar just to see the most beautiful autumn scenery in the Irtysh grand canyon.

The Irtysh River is the only outflow river flowing into the Arctic Ocean in China. It flows through a grand canyon nearly 100 kilometers long in the Keketuohai section. The huge granite landform bedrocks are prevalent in the grand canyon, forming precipitous cliffs. It is such a spectacular scene!

The clear Irtysh River winds through the grand canyon with magnificent momentum. The natural forest dominated by firs, pines, birches and poplars is in contrast with the artificial forest at the mouth of the gorge. The mountains, rivers, trees and grass are all infused with the breath of autumn.