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Use High-quality Xinjiang Cotton and Support Domestic Brands

Xinjiang Fashion Association

Recently, some international brands and organizations, based on lies and false information, excluded Xinjiang cotton and its products from their commercial activities, which aroused great indignation in Chinese society, the textile and apparel industry, and consumers. The Xinjiang Fashion Association and all staff of the designer brand enterprises express strong indignation and resolute opposition to such an act! As we all know, the high-quality of Xinjiang cotton as a natural fiber material has been recognized by the global textile and apparel industry. Xinjiang cotton brings warmth, peace and beauty to mankind. Xinjiang cotton output makes up 87% of the country's total, and one out of five garments in the world is made of Chinese cotton. Cotton, an essential plant resource for mankind’s very existence, should never be allowed to be politicized and stigmatized by any band or country with ulterior motives.

All members of the Xinjiang Fashion Association and the designer brand enterprises are rooted in the fertile land of Xinjiang. They are constantly innovating and absorbing nourishment during their exploration of the Silk Road culture, making their contribution to the cultivation and sustainable development of domestic-owned brands by using high-quality Xinjiang cotton. As a social organization serving Xinjiang designers and the designer brand enterprises, the Xinjiang Fashion Association is committed to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the designers and all staff of enterprises. This association leads all its designers to take the road of creating original brands, and to boost Xinjiang’s apparel industry with innovative designs. Over the years, Xinjiang's garment industry has maintained a sound momentum of development, and the designers have played an active role in mentoring employees and boosting business development.

To fight against poverty and boost the development of the textile and apparel industry, the Xinjiang Fashion Association led its designers to southern Xinjiang to disseminate professional knowledge and provide training about sewing techniques to ethnic minority migrant workers. During the training, we witnessed the transformation of migrant workers from farmers to industrial workers in southern Xinjiang by learning technology, and felt the enthusiasm of the people in southern Xinjiang for learning skills and creating a better life. After the training, labor contracts were signed in accordance with the “Law on Labor Contracts of the People’s Republic of China” and other relevant laws and regulations, and on the premise of equality and voluntariness. The enterprises act strictly on the “Provisions of the State Council on Working Hours of Workers and Staff”, and by upholding the fair principle of "distributing according to work", they pay the employees with due remuneration according to their performance. Besides, they purchase the "five social insurances" for their employees on time. With the improvement of the employees’ level of skill and hence their income, they have achieved the aim—as long as one person secures a stable job, the whole family can be expected to be lifted out of poverty. Through hard work, the employees have a much stronger sense of gain and happiness.

Xinjiang garment enterprises fully respect their staff’s employment freedom and personal freedom, and fully respect and protect the freedom of religious belief of employees of all ethnic groups. Interference from any organization and individual are opposed firmly. Xinjiang garment enterprises fully respect the customs and habits of employees of different ethnic groups, providing with them various nutritious Muslim food as well as dormitories. To enrich their life, the enterprises organize such activities as entertainment parties and festive dinners. They work and live in the company happily, with all their rights and interests guaranteed. There is no “forced labor” at all. Any rumor and slander cannot obliterate the fact that Xinjiang garment designers and enterprise employees of all ethnic groups have created a happy life through their diligent hands. We will never allow the foreign anti-China forces with ulterior motives to distort the fact about Xinjiang cotton and Xinjiang's development.

The development of Xinjiang's garment industry is ready to take off. The high-quality Xinjiang cotton will definitely create better space for the development of the future garment designing, brand creating, talent gathering, and industrial chain connecting. The Xinjiang Fashion Association calls on all designers and textile industry practitioners to unite together, support Xinjiang cotton, support domestic brands, and promote the economic takeoff of Xinjiang, and win a bright future!