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No one ever forced us to work,We worked equally and voluntarily

 Xinjiang Lebei’er Trading Co., Ltd

Recently, some international brands and institutions such as H&M issued nonexistent allegations to boycott cotton from Xinjiang and attempted to reverse black and white. As a local enterprise in Xinjiang, we firmly oppose this smear! There doesn’t exist the so-called “forced labor” in our company.

On March 20, 2020, with expectations for the working environment and hope for a brighter future, 52 newly hired ethnic employees arrived at our company. They settled down in the company’s dormitories and were distributed with brand-new bedding and toiletries.To make the new employees eat well and live comfortably, we specially arranged a shuttle bus taking them to the workplace and back to the dormitories. We ordered halal food from the catering company, and paid social security for the employees in accordance with the National Labor Law, which not only improved their living conditions, but also provided protection for their retirement.

Due to the epidemic, during the 2020 Spring Festival, the employees chose to stay in Urumqi for the Chinese New Year. The company arranged a variety of entertaining activities for celebration. All the employees had great fun and expressed that the festival was more meaningful even though they hadn’t gone back home.

As of March 20, 2021, these ethnic workers have been in the company for one year. During the year, they have got accustomed to the life here. They go to work on weekdays, go to the Bazaar or the park with friends. In this year, they have grown from laymen to skilled workers, and their salaries have risen from 2000 yuan to 3000 yuan-4000 yuan. They not only invited their families to work in Urumqi, some workers also intended to take their children here for family reunion. They told us that “our life is becoming better and are hopeful about future”.

Ethnic workers are content and free in Xinjiang. There isn’t exist any form of “forced labor”, they enjoy the equal salary and benefits and they go to work voluntarily. Those accusations about Xinjiang’s “forced labor” are malicious lies made by American and Western anti-China forces, aiming to smear the image of China and undermine the security and stability of Xinjiang. Xinjiang’s affairs are governed by ourselves, without any room for external forces to muddle with.