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Xinjiang Cotton Makes Our Life More and More Prosperous

 Hotan Tulipa Textile Co., Ltd.

Recently, some multinational companies such as H&M, Adidas and Nike released ridiculous statements, declaring a boycott on Xinjiang cotton, which aroused great indignation in China. In the name of so-called "forced labor", they refused to work with any garment manufacturing factories located in Xinjiang and excluded Xinjiang products. Such biased actions exposed their ignorance, stupidity and ulterior motives behind. It is a pipe dream to boycott Xinjiang cotton while expecting to make money from Chinese consumers. As the experiencer, participant, witness and beneficiary of Xinjiang's stable development, all employees of our company strongly oppose and condemn such actions.

Xinjiang is enjoying social stability, economic development, ethnic solidarity, harmonious religions, cultural prosperity, and better standard of living. By taking roots in Xinjiang, our company has been making contributions to Xinjiang construction. All its employees have witnessed the changes and progress in Xinjiang, the rising of local manufacturing industry, the increasingly better life and the growing income. The employees’ national common language level is getting higher, and their mentality is more positive.

Bahargul Ahmat came to work in this company in 2015. She took the initiative to participate in training, worked very hard, and gradually grew from a grass-roots employee to a member of the managerial staff, with a salary of over 6000 yuan a month. She lacked basic knowledge and owed nothing in the past, but now she is skilled in management, with money in banks and hence a guaranteed life. She has built a new house, and bought a motorcycle, a color TV set, a refrigerator, and an automatic washing machine. She is living a modern life now. When Rozinisa Jilil came to this company in early 2017, she even didn’t have the money to buy clothes for her two children. Hearing her story, Zhang Yue, the company’s general manager, bought clothes and food for her children, and encouraged her to earn a good living by diligent work. She earned 1,800 yuan in the first month, 2,500 yuan in the second, and 3,300 yuan in the third... Through work, she is living an increasingly better-off life with fattening wallet. In 2021, she is ready to build her second house. She says that she is full of hope and confidence in the future life.

They are only two of many outstanding employees of our company, and there are hundreds of others. Our company provides jobs and signs labor contracts with them to ensure their long-term stable income. And they have changed their destiny with diligent work. They have left poverty behind and launched a new well-off life. As a private enterprise, we will do our best to create more jobs, absorb more surplus labor, and ensure more ethnic minority people with stable jobs and income.

Good socks derive from good Xinjiang cotton. For many years, our company has been making socks with the high-quality Xinjiang long-staple cotton as raw materials. Our socks are warm, breathable, and comfortable, and are sold inside and outside Xinjiang for its good quality and nice style. China is the world's largest cotton consumer and the second largest cotton producer. China's cotton has been in short supply for many years. Therefore, it’s not necessary to worry about the sales, even though it is boycotted by a few foreign enterprises. It is ridiculous for some multinational companies such as H&M, Adidas and Nike to release the statements about Xinjiang cotton. And they are biting off more than they could chew. The so-called forced labor is even more ridiculous. There is no forced labor and no need for forced mobilization to pick cotton in Xinjiang. A few years ago, when cotton matured in autumn, a large number of migrant workers from Henan, Sichuan, Hunan and other places would take trains to Xinjiang to pick cotton. They were provided with free accommodations, and their incomes could reach over 10,000 yuan in just a month.

No investigation no say. The foreign companies who made improper remarks had never visited Xinjiang, and has never seen the high-quality Xinjiang cotton. They were telling a bare faced lie. We want to tell the mindless management of these foreign company, "Don't expect to eat China’s food and smash China's pot! Today's China is not what it was 100 years ago!”As a Xinjiang company, we will continue to use high-quality Xinjiang cotton as always, make contributions to Xinjiang’s development and construction , lead the people of all ethnic groups to live a better-off life, and fight them back with remarkable achievements.