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We Will Go On Picking Up Cotton As Usual

 Kamernisa Wujiahmat,Cotton Picker of Moyu County, Hotan

Recently, I read from the news that some western companies are constantly smearing human rights in Xinjiang, making up the ridiculous remark that there is “forced labor” in Xinjiang and claiming to stop using cotton produced in Xinjiang. Based on my own experience, I want to tell these companies: you are totally confounding right and wrong. What you want to do is to try to attack, smear and vilify Xinjiang, to sabotage our happy life which is hared earned. Your evil purpose is doomed to fail! I want to use facts to disclose your vicious lie.

In order to make a better living and have a nice income, every year I would go to Aksu region to pick up cotton in the harvest season, because I know that by working diligently I can increase income, make more money and have a better and better life. Although it is a bit boring in the process of picking up cotton, I can earn 150-200 yuan each day so that I can support my family (I have four children) with better means. I felt no tiredness at all! In less than two months’ time, I can earn more than 10,000 yuan. When I got home, I would buy a new suit for each of my four children, I also would buy some gifts for my parents and sometimes I would buy some new furniture.

If making money needs to be “forced”, I have nothing to say but that these rumor makers are just so ignorant and groundless. We pick up cotton, we earn money, does that need to be forced? Do we not hold the great expectation for a better life? Do we not want to make a wonderful future for our family and children? The pure white cotton is wantonly smeared by these western companies. How shameless you are! How vicious you are!

Here I would like to tell you: I picked up cotton in the last few years, I am picking up cotton this year, and I will definitely go to pick up cotton next year! No one can stop our right in earning a nice salary by work diligently!