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Facts Speak Louder than Words

Guliqiman Yilihamu, employee of Hoshine Silicon Industry Co., Ltd.

I’m Guliqiman Yilihamu, a graduate from Xinjiang and work at Hoshine Silicon Industry Co., Ltd..

In 2020, I came to work as an intern in the company. I was very happy to work here because I heard on school that it took good care of its employees and the benefits were very favorable. We interns were led by master workers to go through safety training and learned knowledge of equipment. The master workers are very patient in teaching us to learn each and every step. Afterwards, I was sent to work at the central control room of silicone POP workshop and with the master worker’s help, care and patient instruction, soon I mastered related skills. During my apprenticeship, what made me feel very proud was that I was able to pay my own tuition with what I earned here. At the end of the internship, I passed the transfer test smoothly and now I earn a salary of 6,000 yuan a month. My parents are very happy because they no longer need to pay for my living expenses. Instead I am able to help them with family expenses.

The company endows employees with monthly food allowance. The food of the dining hall is diverse and homemade food such as pilaf and noodles with vegetables are very tasty. On festive occasions, we are very joyful because the company sends us various kinds of gifts and organizes celebratory activities such as singing and dancing for entertainment. There are basketball courts, badminton courts and fitness room and various kinds of excellent sport activities are organized too.

The dormitory of the company is very good with triple rooms, double rooms and couples’ rooms. Each dorm room has a balcony, bedroom, kitchen and separate toilet, just like home, and each room is equipped with air conditioner, gas stove, water heater and TV, etc.. We go to work by free shuttle. All the above make us feel very convenient.

Recently, I heard that the U.S. Department of Commerce claims that there’s so-called “forced labor” in our company, which is utter nonsense. Are you jealous of seeing that we are living a wonderful life so you slander us in this way? Or do you have other intentions? Facts speak louder than words! No matter how you suppress our company, we will only cherish our job and our life will get better and better.