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When neighbors become like family: a story of two farmers in Xinjiang

In Shufu County, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, there are two farmers who help and support each other just like family.

Cheng Yongli, from the Seed Field of Shufu County, used to be a close friend of Namaitijiang Hasimu's father. Ever since Hasimu's parents passed away, Cheng Yongli has been lending him a hand like his uncle.

In 2016, Cheng Yongli suggested that Hasimu raise cattle, supporting him financially and teaching him cattle-rearing skills. Later on, Cheng also helped him to grow prunes. Thanks to Cheng's kindness, Hasimu is able to make a handsome sum of money each year.

Four decades on, Cheng and Hasimu have been getting along like uncle and nephew. Their family have also stood together in times of need. "Look at us, we are just like family. Where are the ethnocide and genocide in Xinjiang those malicious people talk about? It's nonsense," Hasimu said.