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The rime scenery in the fairy tale town is intoxicating

In the winter, Burqin County in the Altay Prefecture is a white ice and snow world, wrapped in silver with jade tree branches and the crystal clear rime, creating a spectacular scene that makes people feel like they are in a dream.

In late December, due to the snowfall and the temperature decline, a beautiful rime landscape appeared in Burqin County. Embellish with gorgeous rime, Burqin County looks picturesque.

Crystal rime shines on top of the branches with fiery red sea buckthorn fruits swaying with the wind and blooming in the cool air.

Rime is formed as a result of the condensation of water vapor in the air in severe cold weather. Burqin County has abundant water resources, rapids will not freeze in low temperature, but steam rises and meets the cold air flow, and condenses on the surface of branches, grass and other objects, forming a rime wonder.

Every year,from the end of November to the beginning of March next year, decorated with rime, Burqin County becomes a silver fairy tale world that people will never forget.

Photography enthusiast Xu Yufeng picks up the camera in his hand, selects the best camera position, and records the silver-clad land of Burqin County with the lens. "As a photography enthusiast, I want to record the most beautiful scenery with a camera, and it is time for the rime landscape to appear frequently, and welcome photography enthusiasts from all over the country to the beautiful fairy tale land of Burqin to take wonderful scenery pictures." Xu Yufeng said.

The town of Chong Hur in Burqin County is famous for its rime. The rime drapes the snow-capped town with a crystal clear white scarf, making people feel as if they have entered a dream world.

Walk along the riverbank, all the way to see the water mist rising on the river surface, white crystal rime has fully decorated the branches. The sky is as blue as it is washed, and the frozen river is covered with a layer of crystal clear ice flowers, forming a beautiful picture of winter.

The rime on the branches are particularly bright under the sun, and the spectacular rime scenery here has been passed down by word of mouth, attracting many tourists and photography enthusiasts to watch and take pictures. They found a beautiful "rime corridor" in the woods. Photo shows Yu Lan, a tourist from Sichuan, takes pictures with her families to record this beautiful moment.

"This is my first time in Burqin, and the rime scenery here is very beautiful and attractive. You can takes pictures whatever you like with no fear that it might not look good." Yu Lan said.

"I have been to Burqin many times, but this is the first time I come in winter. This time I happen to see the beautiful scenery of rime, and I feel great." said Yu Yuehong, a tourist.

In the next step, Burqin County will dig deeper into its unique ice and snow resources and its folk, historical and cultural advantages, accelerate the transformation of tourism in Burqin from "hot in summer and autumn" to "constant temperature in all seasons", and will continue to develop the winter tourism industry in Burqin County to help promote high-quality development of the tourism industry.