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Yusan Mamat, a truck driver: Drive long-distance to get a good life

On May 1, 2022, at the freight yard of Xinjiang Daishu Express Co., Ltd., Yusan Mamat carefully inspected the truck he had driven for two years to prepare for the upcoming long-haul transport. “Every time before departure, I have to conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle performance to prevent breakdown on the way.” Yusan Mamat said.

Photo taken on May 1, 2022 shows Yusan Mamat checks the truck at the freight yard of Xinjiang Daishu Express Co., Ltd. in northwest China’s Xinjiang. (Shiliuyun/ Xinjiang Daily Hu Damin)

Yusan Mamat, who comes from Luopu County in Hotan Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang, has been working for long-distance transport for more than ten years and got a better life. Now, with a monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan, he bought a car and an apartment in the city and lives the life he once dreamed of.

“I am very lucky to live in such a good era. Through continuous efforts, I have changed my life.” Yusan Mamat said.

Yusan Mamat is 39 years old and he left Luopu County after graduating from junior middle school and came to Urumqi to work. “At the beginning, I did all kinds of work, including odd jobs in factory.” Yusan Mamat said. Later, he wanted to learn a skill so he signed up for large truck driving license and got A1A2 driving licenses to become a truck driver of long-distance transport all over Xinjiang.

The goal of Yusan Mamat is to buy a car and an apartment and have a warm home in Urumqi City. Two years ago, his dreams came true one by one after he applied to Xinjiang Daishu Express Co., Ltd.

In the company, Yusan Mamat is responsible for loading express deliveries and transporting them to all parts of Xinjiang. He transports three or four times a month and each for three to five days. After returning, he can take a rest for two days and continues to work. In this way, his monthly income can reach more than 10,000 yuan.

Yusan Mamat feels warmth and good learning atmosphere in the enterprise. “Although I have driven the large truck for more than ten years, I know little about car maintenance. So I don’t know what to do when the truck breaks down suddenly.” Yusan Mamat said. “There are more than 200 large truck drivers in our company and we discuss common breakdowns while driving and how to repair and maintain them in our spare time.”

Some truck drivers even imparted their decades of experiences to Yusan Mamat without reservation. He clearly remembers that in March, 2022, the truck he drove had a breakdown on the highway. After reporting the situation to his company, Tian Hui, a truck driver driving on the same line, drove to the scene to check the cause of the breakdown and repaired it on the spot. After that, Tian Hui told Yusan Mamat in detail about the cause of the breakdown, how to repair it and how to prevent it.

Photo taken on May 1, 2022 shows Yusan Mamat checks the truck at the freight yard of Xinjiang Daishu Express Co., Ltd. in northwest China’s Xinjiang. (Shiliuyun/ Xinjiang Daily Hu Damin)

“Yusan Mamat is very dedicated and willing to study. In case of problems, he also actively asks his colleagues for advice. Now, he is not only good at driving, but also does well in car repairing and maintenance.” Lian Jiangxin, a colleague of Yusan Mamat said.

Yusan Mamat's wife got a stable job after graduating from college. Last year, Yusan Mamat and his wife bought an apartment by installment in Urumqi City. And this year, Yusan Mamat bought a car so he can travel with his family by car.

“It is a life that was only a dream before, but now, the dream comes true.” Yusan Mamat said. He also has a wish that he could buy a car with larger internal space and take his parents, wife and two children to travel around the country and appreciate the magnificent scenery of the motherland. "As long as I work hard, I believe this dream will come true." said he.