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Alajan Nabijan, a taxi driver: Driving for the happy life

“Although it is hard to work from dawn to night, it makes me feel very surefooted.” On May 16, 2022, Alajan Nabijan, who is a taxi driver, said that he has a stable and happy life with his hard work. And now he has the ability to help people in need, which makes him content with his life.

Alajan Nabijan is 39 years old and he is a taxi driver of Xinjiang Erdaoqiao Travel Taxi Co., Ltd.. This year is his 12th year as a taxi driver.

Photo taken on the morning of May 16, 2022 shows Alajan Nabijan cleans his taxi in his spare time. (Shiliuyun/ Xinjiang Daily Suo Rongzhi)

Alajan has a lot to say about his profession as a taxi driver. In 2004, he rented a storefront to sell dried fruit. Although his store was doing well, he had his own idea. “I like cars since I was a child. If I can change my job and be a taxi driver, I believe I can do it well.” Alajan said. But his idea was opposed by his family, because his family thought driving a taxi around the city was too hard.

In 2011, after seeing the information about the recruitment of taxi drivers in the community, Alajan registered as soon as possible and successfully passed the examination. In this way, he became a taxi driver.

When Alajan first drove a taxi, he didn't know the way and couldn't find the place where the passengers wanted to go several times. In order to know the roads as quickly as possible, Alajan spent a week driving through the streets of Urumqi City. If he couldn't remember the names of residential areas, he wrote them down in his notebook. “This way was stupid but it worked. Now wherever you go, I can pick the fastest route in the shortest time to take you there.” Alajan said with pride.

Wang Jingya, a citizen of Urumqi City, is a regular customer of Alajan. In the summer of 2021, two of her friends visited Urumqi from Xi'an. After getting off the plane, Wang Jingya and her friends took Alajan’s taxi to their hotel for the first time.

When they got in the car, Alajan put forward three alternative routes and gave his reasonable suggestion. Wang Jingya and her friends discussed and chose the route that they could enjoy the urban scenery of Urumqi City but took more time. “My friends think Urumqi taxi drivers are very enthusiastic, and they know the roads of Urumqi very well.” Wang Jingya said. She wrote down Alajan’s telephone number at that time, and Alajan took them traveling around Urumqi City, leaving many great memories for this trip.

The continuous development of public transport has placed new demands on the services of taxi drivers. In order to improve the service qualities of taxi drivers, Xinjiang Erdaoqiao Tourism Taxi Co., Ltd. often organizes training, and each time Alajan will listen carefully and take good notes.

Alajan's work performance improves on account of his skilled driving skills and a good reputation. In his spare time, Alajan also does public welfare as much as possible. The "warm-hearted" volunteer Alajan is well known by the residents at Cichang residential area in Tuanjie Road area, Tianshan District, Urumqi City. The elderly who needs a car to see a doctor and the children who need to be picked up for an exam... Alajan drives his taxi to help after a phone call.

Where there is pay, there is gain. Now, Alajan has paid off the installment. Next, he plans to buy his own taxi. “This job embodies my value and brings me a good life.” Between the words, Alajan revealed his love for the career of being a taxi driver and his satisfaction with current life.