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Finding the diversiform beauties in Atlas Silk

What do you think of

when people mention Atlas Silk?

Is it the Uygur girls dancing to the song

a blaze of colors

or the distinctive national characteristics?

Photo from Xiaohongshu APP

The production process of making Atlas Silk is complex

which needs natural pigments and classy silks

by the process of dyeing warp ikat and layered dyeing,

warping, weaving and other processes

And it is divided into black and white Atlas Silk and colorful Atlas Silk

Among them, black, red, yellow and blue are the main colors

highlighting the pattern decoration

Photo by Shanghai pairing-up assistance

As a traditional manufacturing process

Atlas Silk is known as "the last handicraft industry in the 21st century”

Today, it can still be seen in Hotan Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang.

The cocoon cooking, reeling off raw silk, tie dyeing and weaving

are all done by hands with very fine workmanship

Wearing the dresses made by Atlas Silk

and walking on the street

can make a beautiful scenery anywhere.

Photo by Xiaohongshu APP

After enjoying the color combination,

and then carefully studying the pattern style,

you will find that whether its pattern are flowers, branches and leaves, badams,

or wood combs, tassels, Rawaps (a kind of Uygur instrument)

colorful Atlas Silks

are born in the sound of the loom

and various patterns are closely aligned with the local customs


Atlas Silk is not just a fabric that people love

it is also a cultural product rich in regional and ethnic characteristics

representing the love of life and pursuit of beauty of people in Xinjiang

Photo by Xiaohongshu APP

Now, Atlas has also gradually entered people’s daily life

Designers innovate

to combine Atlas Silk with modern fashion

and continue to show its charms to the world

Atlas kerchief

Photo by Xiaohongshu APP

Xinjiang Museum also has many cultural and creative products with Atlas patterns

Kerchief, small camel accessory, bag, flower hat, bracelet...

If you're interested in Atlas Silk,

Why don't you go and see for yourself

Photo by Xiaohongshu APP

It is said that no matter how much imagination there is to silk

can be found in Atlas Silk

It seems that silk shuttles back and forth , but in fact, it is the time

The long history and civilization

settle and brocade in the sound of weaving