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“Intelligent field management” enables cotton planting to achieve a bumper harvest in Manas County, NW China’s Xinjiang

Three high-horsepower tractors equipped with Beidou navigation system carry out intertillage, chemical control and other work according to the preset lines at the cotton field of Lesheng Specialized Planting Cooperatives in Letuyi Town, Manas County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang. At present, the management of cotton field has entered a critical period. In Manas County, the extensive promotion and application of a number of new cotton planting technologies, such as Beidou navigation system and the whole process detection technology of satellite remote sensing have brought cotton field management into a smart era, with more significant cost savings and efficiency gains. And the 700,000 mu of high-quality cotton in the county is growing well. (Convergence Media Center correspondents: Walsijiang Dong Qianqian)

Photo shows the Cooperative members check the cotton seedlings.

Photo shows the Cooperative members use the tablet PC to manage the cotton field.

Photo shows the cotton seedlings.

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