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Artificial propagation and artificial releasing of 20,000 Zhungarian ide in Ebinur Lake, Xinjiang

Photo shows the scene of releasing. (Photo by Gulisunay Adilbay)

Shiliuyun-Xinjiang Daily news (Correspondents: Sai Yongjie, Gulisunay Adilbay): On June 9, 2022, the releasing activity of artificially-propagated Zhungarian ide was held by the lakeside of the Ebinur Lake, northwest China’s Xinjiang, by the Xinjiang Institute of Fishery Sciences and the fishery administration of Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture.

On the day, at the Jinghe inlet delta of the Ebinur Lake Wetland National Nature Reserve, the place of releasing, 20,000 fry of Zhungarian ide slowly swam to the Ebinur Lake along the banks. Among the fry, 2000 were labeled with VTE fluorescence and 10,000 marked with alizarin red.

Song Mingbo, senior engineer of the Xinjiang Institute of Fishery Sciences said, “A total number of 77,000 Zhungarian ide fry have been propagated and released since 2019, among them, 20,000 solely in 2022, with labeling rate of more than 60%.

As a barometer of the ecological environment of northern Xinjiang, the vegetation by the lakeside of the Ebinur Lake has been restored with the continuous improvement of ecological environment. And the species of plants and animals in the Ebinur Lake wetland have become richer, with 579 species of wild plants belonging to 281 genus and 66 families, and 327 species of vertebrates. Among them, the kinds of bird species have increased to 261.

It is learned that the Ebinur Lake is one of the major habitats of Zhungarian ide, but their population declined somehow after 1950s. To increase the population, the fishery administration of Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture cooperated with the Xinjiang Institute of Fishery Sciences to migrate Zhungarian ide for protection, releasing successfully-propagated fry in the Ebinur Lake.

In recent years, Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture has been carrying out artificial propagation and releasing activities, selecting and releasing species that play an important role in resource recovery and ecological restoration of water area on the basis of the aquatic biological resources in the Ebinur Lake. The fish fry and crab fry that have been released into the Ebinur Lake passed strict tests. With the high quality and large quantity, they can effectively improve the ecological environment of the lake. According to Yao Yong, deputy director of the fishery administration of Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, they will continue to enlarge the scale of artificial propagation and releasing, and strengthen the protection and inspection, to ensure the good growth of Zhungarian ide in the Ebinur Lake.

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