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Raziya Tursun: Apples are getting more and more red, the kebab business is getting better and better

Recently, Raziya Tursun and her husband were busy digging pits and applying fertilizer for the 42 mu apple trees in Bostan Village, Kartal Town, Aksu City, northwest China’s Xinjiang.

"In the past, we were not very familiar with apple planting and management techniques, and the apples we grew were small and green. Now with the guidance and help of the technicians, the apples we grow are getting bigger and redder, and they can be sold at a higher price." Raziya Tursun said happily. This year, Raziya Tursun opened a kebab restaurant with more than a dozen kinds of kebabs. In the peak season, she often works until the early hours of the morning. She said, she would not only plant the apples well, but also run the kebab restaurant well. She is planning to get a new car next and buy a new house in Aksu City in a few years.

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