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Villagers are busy transplanting peppers in northwest China’s Xinjiang

Photo taken on May 6, 2023 shows a busy scene of tractors shuttling back and forth in the fields of Wenbashi Township, Baicheng County, Aksu Prefecture, northwest China’s Xinjiang. Recently, Baicheng County has organized villagers, workers and machinery to carry out pepper seedling transplanting as it is the critical period for transplanting peppers used to extract capsanthin. (Correspondent Wei Baining)

Photo shows workers in the transplanting machine pick up and drop seedlings. The transplanting machine moves at an even speed, perforating the fields and planting pepper seedlings followed by mulching and compaction. And a worker follows the transplanting machine to check on the pepper seedlings.

Photo shows the pepper seedlings used to extract capsanthin in Baicheng County, northwest China’s Xinjiang. This year, 50,000 mu of peppers used to extract capsanthin will be planted in Baicheng County, and the transplanting progress has exceeded 60%, with all transplants expected to be completed by mid-May.

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