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Taiwan Calligrapher Attends EACT Expo
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2015-August-14 18:39:55

On August 13th, the Expo turned to a frenzy when it got to the second day. The works of Taiwan craft calligraphy master, Lin Rongzong, became the favor of merchants from all sides: they scrambled to buy the calligraphy works and have pictures taken with the famous calligrapher.

Lin Rongzong told reporter that it was his first time that he came to Xinjiang for EACT Expo and he is also the first calligrapher in Taiwan to attend the Expo. Mr Li came not only with his calligraphy works, but also carving works made from special wood. Li expressed his fondness toward Xinjiang and his grand new understanding of this place during 2015 EACT Expo. He hopes to hold his solo exhibition in Xinjiang and have exchanges with calligraphers and craft masters here.

Lin Rongzong takes pictures with merchants.

Lin Rongzong writes calligraphy for merchants.

Lin Rongzong introduces the calligraphy works to a merchant.

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