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Republic of Tatarstan Investment Potential Promotion Conference Held in Urumqi
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2015-August-14 15:22:01

Investment Potential Promotion Conference of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan was held in Urumqi on August 13th, and Shi Dagang, Vice President of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Buhalief, Deputy Director of Investment Department of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, and other representatives of nearly one hundered enterprneurs attended the meeting.

Rupbulic of Tatarstan Officials related made introduction of its investment climate, transportation, tourism and dairy industry in their country at the promotion conference.

Shi Dagang expressed his congratulation on the opening of the promotion conference and welcomed sincerely the guests from far away. He said that there is a long history that China and the Russian Republic of Tatarstan had friendly relationship. In recent years, frequent high-level exchanges between the two countries and ever-strenghthening politically mutual trust has sped the development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

It is reported that Xinjiang has started economic and trade cooperation with more than 190 countries and regions and set up 107 passenger railway lines with neighboring countries by now. The operation of the cargo railway lines between Urumqi and Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey and Georgia shortens the time of goods from Inner China arriving at Europe from 40 days to 15 days; International Cargo Flights’ grudual normalization helps the formaion of Urumqi-centered Aviation Network. Xinjiang is now striving to become the center of transportation hub, trading logistics, finance, sci-tech cultureand health-care based on the theme of “Building the Core Area of the Silk Road Economic Belt” and further improve its investment environment. Xinjiang also actively promootes friendly relationship and mutually beneficial cooperation with neighbouring countries including the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, steps up investment of both sides with Tatarstan enterpeneurs and business circles in fields,such as manufacturing, agricultural development, agricultral product processing and tourism, so as to deepen cooperation for mutual benefit and win-win.

Buhalief, Deputy Director of Tatarstan Investment Department, said at the meeting that the Republic of Tatarstan is one of the most prosperous regions in Russian Federation. It harbors abundant natural resources, diversified industries and high-end professional labor force, which make the investment here more appealing. Tatarstan’s level of development, economic might and development potential even ranks higher than some European countries in the world.

To attract foreign investments, the Russian Republic of Tatarstan has set up a series of infrustructure, such as Innopolis Economic Special Zone characterized by technology development and Alabuga Economic Special Zone and Kamski Industry Park characterized by industry and manufacturing.

Buhalief said, with the ever-increasing economic power and ever-closing trading relation with Xinjiang, and very much interested in Xinjiang’s suporior products and industries, the Russian Republic of Tatarstan is looking forward to conducting investment in each other by promotion meeting and other means of exchange.

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