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Introduction to the exhibition area arrangement of the 5th China-Eurasian Expo
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I. Investment and cooperation exhibition The investment and cooperation exhibition is located at No. 4-6 exhibition halls of the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a planned exhibition area of 18,470㎡. By means of image display and product exhibition, this area will concentrate on exhibiting the investment environment and investment projects of various provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and prefectures and cities, state-level economic and technological development zones, and industrial bases in Xinjiang, and famous enterprises, products and achievements of provinces and cities assisting Xinjiang in the year.

II. Textile and garment exhibition The textile and garment exhibition is located at No. 9-11 exhibition halls of the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a planned area of 22,680㎡. Centering on accelerating industrial development, highlighting brand promotion and expanding purchase channels, it is a professional exhibition and trading platform integrating exhibition, special activities and technical exchanges designed for textile enterprises, trading companies, buyers and professional visitors. The resource of professional and efficient buyers will guarantee a rewarding exhibition for all participants. The organizing committee will invoke all media resources to comprehensively promote the brand construction and market development and help the enterprises in the process.

Exhibition scope: Textile and garment industrial bases, parks and corporate image display, garment and apparel (men’s/women’s garment, casual dresses, outdoor dresses, wedding dresses, footwear and hats, etc.), knitting/embroidery, tapestry and carpet, yarn, fabric/accessories, fur, leather, down, luggage and bags, machinery equipment and other related products.

III. Agricultural products and food exhibition The agricultural products and food exhibition is located at No.12 hall of the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a planned exhibition area of 12,360㎡. This area will mainly exhibit the dominant agricultural products and food of Xinjiang and the hinterland, highlight the green, natural and pollution-free agricultural products and products with geographical indications, build a marketing platform for special agricultural products in Xinjiang to the domestic and international markets and a platform to bridge the agricultural products and e-commerce companies and actively promote export towards Russia and the Central, West and South Asian markets.

Exhibition scope: The image display of the agricultural products and food production bases and enterprises, related produce of livestock products, frozen food, candy and beverage, cooking oil, canned goods, dairy products, dried and fresh fruits, tea, seasonings, crops, and aquatic products. In addition, the organizing committee will continue to set up special zones for high-grade wine and tea.

IV. Jewelry and jadeware exhibition The jewelry and jadeware exhibition is located at No.7 hall of the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a planned exhibition area of 2,590㎡. It will mainly exhibit the first-class jadeware and jewelries of Xinjiang and the rest part of the Chinese mainland, and the Central, West and South Asian countries, as well as the regions of Taiwan and Hong Kong, actively promote the domestic jewelry and jade products, especially jade products and jade culture of Xinjiang, and highlight cultural exchanges and cooperation between various provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and foreign countries and build a consumption and appreciation platform for the general public.

Exhibition scope: jewelry, gem, jade and pearl products etc.

Note: The enterprise application for the raw space designed for custom-built booth only.

V. Building materials exhibition The building materials exhibition is located at No. 15 hall of the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a planned exhibition area of 3,800㎡, or 200 exhibition booths in total. It will center on accelerating the development of the building material industry westward, and promoting brand enterprises and expanding purchase channels in the neighboring area and establishing a professional exhibition and trade platform for building material enterprises, trading companies, buyers and professional visitors.

Exhibition scope: Windows, doors, curtain walls, flooring, cabinets and wardrobes, home furnishing, ceiling and partition walls, kitchen facilities, ceramics, sanitary ware, new building materials, wall decoration materials, pipelines and pipe fittings, lighting and illumination, decoration and construction, machinery equipment, electrical & electronic goods, hardware tools, etc.

VI. Machinery & equipment exhibition The machinery & equipment exhibition is located at the outdoor canopy in the west square of the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a planned exhibition area of 10,000㎡, or 420 exhibition booths. It will firmly grasp the new opportunity of the “Belt and Road” Initiative and comprehensively implement the equipment manufacturing plan of the Made in China 2025 initiative to help equipment manufacturers go global and explore markets of the Central Asia and West Asia.

Exhibition scope: Agricultural product and food processing, transportation, manufacturing, packaging, refrigeration, fermentation and other food-related functional equipment; injection molding, extrusion, granulation, film blowing, blow molding, molding, wiredrawing and related plastic machinery; all kinds of machine tools; carpentry sawing machine, planer, tenoning machines, mortising machine, lathes, furniture manufacturing and related woodworking machinery; chemical fiber machinery, spinning machinery, weaving machinery, dyeing and finishing machinery, non-woven textile machinery and related equipment; agricultural machinery, small equipment, cutting equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, instruments and others.

VII. Engineering machinery and vehicle exhibition The engineering machinery and vehicle exhibition is located at the east square of the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a planned exhibition area of 16,880㎡. With further implementation of the guideline of the Central Work Forum on Xinjiang and the “Belt and Road” initiative, Xinjiang and the Central Asia further accelerated the economic and social development. Consequently, the demand for engineering machinery and vehicle increased remarkably in recent years. The exhibition will integrate the equipment exhibition, new product promotion and high-end forums and create conditions for enterprises to develop the Xinjiang and Central Asian market. It is the first choice for engineering machinery enterprises to explore the market.

Exhibition scope: Construction equipment, pavement equipment, hoisting machines, digging machines, scrapers and related engineering machines; mining equipment, preparation equipment, prospecting machines and related machines; agricultural power machines, farm-oriented construction, farmland development, animal husbandry, water conservancy irrigation and drainage and related machines; color-plate buildings, large wigwams and large landscape; passenger vehicles, vehicles with special functions and other related vehicles.

VIII. Logistics and informatization exhibition The logistics and informatization exhibition is located at No. 1 hall of the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a planned exhibition area of 6,240㎡. It will mainly exhibit achievements in construction of the free trade zones and informatization of the Belt and Road hubs, actively promote construction of Xinjiang as the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt, and help Xinjiang grow into one of the five centers along the Silk Road Economic Belt.

Exhibition scope: Bonded logistics area of the Belt and Road hubs; modern logistics and transportation services; related logistics park, key logistics projects, logistics bases, logistics (distribution) centers, logistics real estate developers; cold storage technology, logistics and mechanical handling equipment; workshop equipment, packaging and order picking equipment; materials handling technology, warehousing technology and logistics systems; internal material systems and software and logistics planning and consulting; cloud computing and big data; smart terminal and the Internet of Things; mobile Internet and e-commerce; 3D printing and robot; smart city and information technology and so on.

IX. Smart life exhibition The smart life exhibition is located at No. 14 hall of the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a planned exhibition area of 7,560㎡. It will mainly exhibit smart life related products and producers from home and abroad, upgrade the smart life industrial chain in Xinjiang and build it an export platform of smart life industry catering to Russia, Central Asian and West Asian countries.

Exhibition scope: smart home furnishing, smart home appliance, smart hardware, smart communication tools, smart wearable products, smart medical equipment and smart buildings.

X. Auto life exhibition The auto life exhibition is located at No. 13 hall of the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a planned exhibition area of 8,000㎡. It will exhibit the automotive aftermarket, build an automotive aftermarket product marketing platform and a platform bridging the automotive aftermarket products and e-commerce companies and actively promote export to Russia, Central Asian, West Asian and South Asian countries.

Exhibition scope: Auto components and parts; auto parts, chassis, main structure, electronic appliances; spare and accessory parts and internal decorations for vehicles; internal and external systems, and driving power and electronic control systems; vehicle decorations: exquisite internal and external decorations; beautifying and maintenance products; communication and navigation devices for vehicles; audio and entertainment devices for vehicles; safety products; accessory supplies; environmental protection products; refitted vehicle and supplies: appearance and interior modification; power and control modification; lighting and audio modification; wheel hubs, tires and fuel oils for refitted vehicles; special equipment modification; vehicle maintenance equipment: repair equipment; maintenance, experiment and testing equipment; measuring instruments; vehicle washing equipment; fuel gas modification; after-sales service; related financial services and vehicle leasing, insurance, advertising, maintenance and repair services, clubs, rescue systems, traffic information services and second-hand vehicle services.


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