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The 3rd Asia-Europe Film Exhibition Opens  Fans Benefited therefrom Can Watch Classic Movies at 18 yuan
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2016-September-22 15:51:40

Tianshannet News (photo coverage by reporter Zhu Kaili) On September 21st, the opening ceremony of the 3rd Film Exhibition and the evening gala was held at Xinjiang TV Station.

It is known that 18 cinemas in Urumqi, Shihezi, Yining, Korla and Kashi will carry out a five-day screenings tour, showing 24 films of which there are foreign films from 11 countries in Asia and Europe. It is expected that the number of showings will be more than 100.

This batch of films have distinctive features: first, they are the latest movies produced in the Asian-Pacific region and the European countries from 2014 to 2016; second, most of them are the award winners of various international film festivals; third, many film of Central Asian countries are premiered in Xinjiang, such as the film "Brothers" of Kazakhstan, the "Herdsman of Heaven" of Kyrgyzstan and the "Magic Hat" of Uzbekistan and so on; and fourth, there are 6 homegrown films of Xingjiang, like "Innocent", "Awati and Affandi" and “Legend of Hotan Jade", etc.

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