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Xinjiang Works with Alibaba to launch a new event
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2016-September-22 11:43:23

Tianshannet (Reporting by Journalist Zhu Kaili) A new event, “Converging the Globe•New Silk Road”, is inaugurated jointly by Shi Dagang, deputy chairman of Xinjiang, Jin Jianhang, CEO of Alibaba group, Liu Bo, General Manager of Alibaba•Juhuasuan and officials from Czech, Georgia, Kazakhstan and others in the afternoon, September 20, 2016. And an online “Silk Road” is moving forward.

During September 22 -24, “Converging the Globe•New Silk Road” will be open on the Juhuasuan.com. And then, there will be an online 5th China-Eurasia Expo, a platform exhibiting specials from China (mostly from the province of Xinjiang) and other countries along the Silk Road. Featured products, such as Rose Mineral Water from Bulgaria, dry fruits from Israel, and purple skinned candy from Russia, will find their most convenient way to consumers by internet.

Thanks to the online advantages of the largest group purchasing platform: Alibaba • Juhuasuan, combined with the Belt and Road initiative, the event is a collection of 13 kinds of featured products from the countries along the Silk Road, including Turkish blankets, Pakistani jades, and Georgian wines and hazelnuts, etc. At the same time, the event highlights 17 specials from the 14 prefecture-leveled divisions of Xinjiang, in a hope of introducing those quality products to other places of China and of the world.


This event is not only a joint effort of Xinjiang and Alibaba in launching, but also one promoted by 20 plus other countries. As put by Mr. Jin Jianhang, this is an “online Silk Road”.

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