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Jeweler dealer: A Sino-Pak Friendship Ambassador
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2016-September-24 12:44:29

Tianshannet (Reporting by Journalist Zhang Xinjun) In the Pakistani exhibition area at the 5th China-Eurasia Expo, there is a jeweler dealer, Abbas, who is capable of communicating with guests from different countries in multiple languages. And he also features his adoration to Sino-Pak friendship.

“Chinese people are very friendly. And I have lived in Xinjiang since I just started my precious stone business in 1999. So far, my business finds its way not only in Kashi and Urumqi, but also in other Chinese places. Here, I also gained my family, marrying a Chinese girl and having two children”, said him.

At the Expo, Abbas’desk is witnessing many visitors and he has concluded three letters of intent selling his Pakistani garnet and aquamarine to Chinese customers.

According to him, the sales are growing every year. During this Expo, the quantity of garnet in the sales agreements he reached has come to 10 tons. And the business is at its best thanks to the opportunities brought by the Belt and Road initiative and to the fact that China and Pakistan are friendly neighbors. Also, he shows his willingness to be an ambassador of Sino-Pak friendship, carrying it forward.

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