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Xiangdu Wine interprets its dream at the China-Eurasia Expo: fly from Yanqi to France Audiences have a free sample of Xiangdu wine.
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2016-September-24 15:07:01

Tianshannet News (photo coverage by reporter Zhang Xinjun) Li Ruiqin took 16 yeas to become a famous wine merchant in China from a grape grower in Yanqi, and another 6 years with her son Zou Jiyun to bring Xingdu Wine-the famous Chinese brand into the international market.

"It’s the platform of China-Eurasia Expo that brings this brand into the international market." said Zou Jiyun, general manager of Xinjiang Xiangdu Wine Co., Ltd.

Xiangdu Wine has become a strategic partner of the China- Eurasia Expo and its products were the uniquely specified wine for the previous two China-Eurasia Expos. Therefore, most of the merchants and customers passing by the booth of Xiangdu Wine would like stop to taste a cup of the wine.

This year saw the wine experts and merchants of France come to Xinjiang and talk over with Xiangdu Wine on comprehensive technical cooperation and the plan for the export of Xiamgdu’s products to France. The negotiations have been conducted smoothly up to now. The cooperation between the two sides will ensure the improvement of the quality of Xinjiang wine and zero breakthrough of its export to France as well as the European market.


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