•    Presidium of 18th CPC National Congress holds 3rd meeting

  •    CPC congress begins closing session

  •    CPC delegates aspirations at a glance

  •    Large electronic board seen at Tian'anmen Square

CPC congress begins closing session, new central committee to be elected
The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) started its closing session here Wednesday morning, at which a new CPC Central Committee and a new Central Commission for Discipline Inspection will be elected.
·Winning new victory in socialism with Chinese characteristics
·World party leaders congratulate China
·China's economy shows positive signs, with uncertainties
·Chongqing committed to reform
·China Focus: China's future leadership to inherit fortune and burden
News Focus Video
·Top CPC leadership to meet press
·China Focus: CPC congress signals long-term, balanced population development
·Xinhua Insight-Opinion: Chinese socialism worthy of genuine respect
·18th CPC National Congress to close Wednesday morning
·Int'l community lauds CPC's vision of building well-off, beautiful China
·Maritime power to protect ecology
·New CPC central committee to be elected
·Financial reform to boost growth
·Press conference held on improving people’s livelihood
·Grassroots delegates discuss party-building
·International media eye on Beijing
·Mauritius Ambassador reflects on China’s Party congress
·Serbia Ambassador reflects on China's Party congress
·Croatian Ambassador reflects on China's Party congress
Comments Documents
·China wins praise from party leaders around the world
·World party leaders congratulate China on CPC congress
·Foreign officials say China's socialist road significant
·China to move forward despite difficulties: Kissinger
·Intl community lauds Hu's report at CPC congress
·Intl community lauds China's development
·Foreign politicians, parties, organizations congratulate CPC on national congress
·Full text of Constitution of Communist Party of China
·Full text of Hu Jintao's report at 17th Party Congress
·Full text of resolution on amendment to CPC Constitution
·Full Text of resolution on CCDI work report
Backgrounder Achievements
·Backgrounder: Makeup of delegates to 18th CPC National Congress
·Backgrounder: How CPC National Congress delegates elected
·Communist Party of China in Brief
·History of the Communist Party of China
·Backgrounder: China's major events since CPC's 17th national congress
·FACTBOX: China's foreign trade boom
·CPC delegates from private sector doubled
·Corruption a top concern of netizens
·Chinese public cultural institutions go private
·China speeds up reform in culture industry
·CPC sees strength in a smarter China
·Invisible watchdogs for cement governance
·China explores expansion of grassroots democracy
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