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·Tianshannet reports NPC,CPPCC Xinjiang Committee in 2017 on all aspects11:12:36 01/09/2017
·5th Session of the 11th CPPCC Xinjiang Committee opens10:29:16 01/09/2017
·Civil servants off to teach kids in south Xinjiang10:52:28 11/10/2016
·8th Uzbekistan China Xinjiang products exhibition held in Tashkent10:22:29 11/09/2016
·First Urumqi subway carriage unveiled to public10:20:54 11/08/2016
·Xinjiang section of high-speed railway linking Urumqi, Xining15:16:04 12/31/2016
·4th Session of the 12th NPC Xinjiang Committee open11:07:01 01/11/2016
·4th Session of the 11th CPPCC Xinjiang Committee open11:09:00 01/10/2016
·Citizens watching a live show of "the Two Sessions"of Xinjiang in 201610:53:32 01/12/2016
·On the opening ceremony12:18:36 01/10/2016
·Opening ceremony of the 4th Session of the 11th CPPCC Xinjiang Committee closed12:10:20 01/10/2016

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