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·Spotlight: China sends out clear message on opening up amid global uncertainties11:20:07 03/13/2017
·Xi underlines innovation in military upgrading11:20:05 03/13/2017
·China's top political advisory body begins closing meeting of annual session11:20:04 03/13/2017
·Leung Chun-ying elected vice chairman of CPPCC National Committee11:20:03 03/13/2017
·Xi calls for building "great wall of iron" for Xinjiang's stability15:02:12 03/11/2017
·Spotlight: Steady, healthy China-U.S. ties benefit both countries, whole world15:58:21 03/11/2017
·News Analysis: China on track to national supervision system15:58:23 03/11/2017
·What does China-style democracy matter to its people?15:58:26 03/11/2017
·Spotlight: China's anti-corruption efforts bolster confidence in gov't, say experts15:58:28 03/11/2017
·New civil code to promote China's int'l image: Bangladeshi lawyers15:58:30 03/11/2017
·Press conference on health and family planning reforms held in Beijing15:38:21 03/11/2017
·China clarifies manufacturing plan after EU group criticism15:18:33 03/11/2017
·Mainland official urges two-way openness in investment with Taiwan15:18:32 03/11/2017
·China Exclusive: China's second aircraft carrier in shape as navy sets ambitious goals11:21:37 03/10/2017
·Political advisors pool wisdom for economic development, ecology preservation11:14:31 03/10/2017
·China debt-to-GDP ratio at 36.7 pct, risks under control: minister11:51:07 03/07/2017
·Tax cuts, employment heatedly discussed among Chinese political advisors10:34:44 03/07/2017
·China Focus: China's 2017 defense budget to grow 7 pct: finance official10:25:22 03/07/2017
·China to keep consumer inflation at around 3 pct13:38:01 03/05/2017
·People's Daily: Upholding Xi's leadership is legislature's political direction13:38:03 03/05/2017

·China underscores economic, social stability in 201713:37:50 03/05/2017
·China sets 2017 GDP growth target at around 6.5 pct13:37:52 03/05/2017
·China aims to create over 11 mln jobs in 201713:37:54 03/05/2017
·China to strengthen maritime, air defense and border control13:37:56 03/05/2017
·China declares to oppose protectionism of any form13:37:58 03/05/2017
·Gov't work report reiterates opposition to "Taiwan independence"13:30:44 03/05/2017
·"Hong Kong independence" leads nowhere: gov't work report13:30:10 03/05/2017
·China declares to oppose protectionism of any forms13:29:24 03/05/2017
·China to turn 800,000 hectares of marginal farmland into forests or grassland13:28:50 03/05/2017
·Gov't work report reiterates opposition to "Taiwan independence"13:28:01 03/05/2017
·China to keep yuan stable in global monetary system13:26:38 03/05/2017
·China to continue key reforms, financial risks "under control"13:25:55 03/05/2017
·China swears to make skies blue again13:25:05 03/05/2017
·China targets 3.4 pct cut in energy intensity in 201713:24:08 03/05/2017
·Chinese economy to tide over global, domestic challenges: gov't work report13:21:47 03/05/2017
·China eyes more proactive fiscal policy, further tax reduction in 201713:19:51 03/05/2017
·China to pursue prudent, neutral monetary policy in 201713:12:00 03/05/2017
·China to cut steel capacity by 50 mln tonnes, coal by 150 mln tonnes13:08:35 03/05/2017
·China vows to cut excessive urban real estate inventory12:55:15 03/05/2017
·China sets 2017 GDP growth target at around 6.5 pct12:52:01 03/05/2017

·Graphics: Key projected targets for development in 2017 written in gov't work report12:43:11 03/05/2017
·Chinese leaders discuss economic, social development with political advisors12:31:17 03/05/2017
·China's political advisors arrive in Beijing for annual session11:10:36 03/03/2017
·Q&A: Roles and functions of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference11:09:38 03/03/2017
·Belt and Road Initiative makes steady progress: spokesman11:08:53 03/03/2017
·China's top political advisory body to convene annual session on March 309:59:13 03/02/2017

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