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·Xi calls for renewing Silk Road spirit11:09:58 05/15/2017
·Belt and Road initiative contributes to open, win-win new world: People’s Daily11:09:56 05/15/2017
·Xi calls for renewing Silk Road spirit11:50:35 05/15/2017
·Xi says China, Russia play role of "ballast stone" in world peace, stability11:32:52 05/15/2017
·Xi calls for strengthened strategic coordination between China, Kazakhstan11:29:40 05/15/2017
·China, Indonesia agree to step up Belt and Road cooperation11:27:05 05/15/2017
·Chinese, Vietnamese presidents hold talks on ties11:08:04 05/12/2017
·China welcomes Mongolia to actively participate in Belt and Road construction18:33:47 05/12/2017
·Chinese, Vietnamese presidents hold talks on ties11:08:04 05/12/2017
·Scenery of Hanzhong City in NW China's Shaanxi17:14:02 05/12/2017
·29 heads of state, gov't leaders confirmed BRF attendance10:24:51 05/12/2017
·Atlas silk: Ancient folk craftwork still a hit along New Silk Road19:08:02 05/11/2017
·Journalists focus on Silk Road Economic Belt in Xinjiang19:08:05 05/11/2017
·Explanatory document issued on Belt and Road Initiative12:37:06 05/11/2017
·"Golden Bridge on Silk Road" structure constructed in Beijing12:16:58 05/10/2017
·China targets crimes related to 'silk road' rail lines11:49:55 05/10/2017
·UN chief sees key Belt and Road role in Agenda 203017:18:33 05/09/2017
·Decorations set to greet upcoming Belt and Road Forum in Beijing12:08:08 05/09/2017
·Conference on Bangladesh-China ties, Belt and Road Initiative held in Dhaka11:33:10 05/09/2017
·Beijing holds security cooperation dialogue on B&R Initiative12:17:02 05/05/2017

·China calls for cooperation with Denmark under Belt and Road initiative12:16:25 05/05/2017
·China calls for cooperation with Denmark under Belt and Road initiative10:29:04 05/05/2017
·UC Berkeley launches center for Silk Road study12:08:54 05/04/2017
·What to expect from Belt and Road Forum10:30:59 05/02/2017
·B&R brings new opportunities for Afghanistan16:10:50 04/27/2017
·Nepal to sign accord on Belt & Road 'very soon'17:31:21 04/26/2017
·Official website of Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation comes online15:32:33 04/25/2017
·Xinjiang's medical industry becomes promising part of Belt and Road Initiative10:56:03 04/24/2017
·Xi: B&R Initiative makes mark in global community12:47:07 04/20/2017
·Kazakh president to attend Belt and Road Forum17:31:43 04/19/2017
·Key forum to rally support for Belt and Road Initiative16:24:50 04/19/2017
·Xi to attend opening ceremony of Belt and Road forum in May16:47:31 04/18/2017
·Putin confirms to attend Beijing's Belt and Road Forum18:46:35 04/14/2017
·Russian President Putin confirms to attend Beijing's Belt and Road Forum11:07:18 04/14/2017

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