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Xinjiang on the silk road

It's universally acknowledged that Xinjiang is a good place, in songs, articles and TV, which ignites the yearnings of many people.

The forgrotten pearl of the western region

It's been thirty years since the newly started exploration and discovery of hinterland of Central Asia due to Japanese's fanaticism to the Silk Road.

China Xinjiang

In Northwestern territory of the People's Republic of China is Xinjiang Uygue Autonomous Region,a vast territory with an ares of 1.66 million square kilometers,covering one-sixth of total land area.

Entering Xinjiang

There maybe only one word that could be used for telling you about Xinjiang,which is“largeness”.

The Mystical Tarim

The Tarim Basin is the remains of an ancient microcontinent that amalgamated to the growing Eurasian continent during the Carboniferous to Permian.

Dreaming back to Turpan

Turpan is a pearl of Xinjiang, and one of China. It is dazzling, because it boasts unique natural landscapes, landforms and specialties such as grapes famous around China, and more. it contains unparallel historical and cultural heritages.

Xinjiang Nature Reserves

Xinjiang is well known for the expanse of its area and richness of natural resources, as well for its wonderful scenic spots and enchanting spectacles of nature. Many "mosts" of China are found in Xinjiang

Tracing Marco Polo s China Route

The story of Marco Polo's journey across the vast land of China has entertained and informerd generations of people all over the world since it was first published nearly 700 years ago.

Silk Road

When ladies wear chi-pao, a close-fit woman's dress with high neck and slit skirt, they look gracefully slender and charming.When gentlemen wear Tang-zhuang, a Tang Dynasty-styled dress, they look elegant and handsome.

China News and Report

Christianity in China

According to historical records, the Jing Church, which was introduced into Tang Dynasty in 635 AD, was the first Christian religion that entered China.

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