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·Shanghai exchange to own 25.1 pct stake in Kazakhstan exchange12:47:41 06/09/2017
·New passenger train route connects China, Kazakhstan12:44:04 06/09/2017
·China, Kazakhstan to further integrate development strategies as ties flourish12:43:23 06/09/2017
·Economic Watch: China, Kazakhstan strengthen economic cooperation via Belt and Road12:42:30 06/09/2017
·China, Afghanistan pledge closer cooperation on B&R construction17:38:32 06/08/2017
·Chinese president arrives in Kazakhstan for state visit, SCO summit, Expo 201717:37:55 06/08/2017
·Full Text of Chinese president's signed article in Kazakh newspaper17:37:19 06/08/2017
·Spotlight: Xi's Kazakhstan visit to boost bilateral cooperation, chart course for SCO development17:35:38 06/08/2017
·President Xi leaves for Kazakhstan visit, SCO summit17:33:06 06/08/2017
·Chinese, Kazakh presidents hope cooperation will revive ancient Silk Road17:32:12 06/08/2017
·Spotlight: More Kazakhs embracing Chinese opportunities as Xi set to visit17:31:21 06/08/2017
·Interview: SCO can become essential part of global security system -- Kyrgyz official17:30:32 06/08/2017
·Xi to visit Kazakhstan, attend SCO summit, World Expo17:29:50 06/08/2017
·Chinese president's visit to Kazakhstan to boost bilateral ties, SCO development17:29:10 06/08/2017
·China Voice: SCO provides new paradigm for global security cooperation17:18:57 06/08/2017
·Chinese companies buy stake in dry port in Kazakhstan17:16:34 06/08/2017
·Faster train route links NW China logistics hub to Kazakhstan17:15:56 06/08/2017

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