Chapter One: First Impressions: 第一印象

Two couples: Prince William and Kate Middleton and David and Jen

A Royal Romance, An Everyday Love Story 王子婚礼与平民爱情

你一定知道4月29日是威廉王子的婚礼日 The Big Day 对吧?BBC 英语教学推出九集系列《王子婚礼与平民爱情》。BBC 独家采访两对情侣的全程恋爱史。今天是第一个故事:第一印象。


In this new series we follow the love stories of two couples. The first couple is Prince William and Kate Middleton, who will be married in April.

The second couple is less well-known but their story is just as interesting. In this first episode you will meet David and his fiancée Jennifer.

In this episode, we'll hear about Kate's first impressions of Prince William and find out how our two couples started their relationships in a similar way.

This week's phrases:

the relationship blossomed out of a friendship
to share a sense of humour
to enjoy each other's company

Next week: First Dates