Chapter Four: Meeting the Family 拜见家人

Kate and Camilla and Jennfier and David

On the left, Kate Middleton is with William's stepmother, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. On the right, Jennifer is with David's family.

A Royal Romance, An Everyday Love Story 王子婚礼与平民爱情


上周我们已经知道了王子和平民两对情侣的磨合过程。下一步就是同双方家人 见面的时候了,对吧?是紧张兴奋还是尴尬窘迫呢?. 今天是第四个故事,同家

This is the series where we follow the progress of two engaged couples – one you already know well and one that you are just getting to know.

This week we are talking about that scary moment, meeting the family for the first time. What was it like when Kate Middleton first met her fiancé's grandmother – the Queen?

We also hear from our regular contributors Jennifer and David, who have a very different and very amusing story about 'meeting the in-laws'.

This week's phrases:

to be welcoming
to feel part of the family
to make the mark

Next week: Commitment