Wee 很小的

The script of this programme 本节目台词


Finn: Welcome to Authentic Real English, I'm Finn.

Wang Fei: And I'm Wang Fei. So, what English word do we have to learn today?

Finn: Today's English word is a Scottish one!

Wang Fei: 我们要在《地道英语》节目中学苏格兰英语? Finn, I know you're from Scotland, but this is Authentic Real English, not Scottish!

Finn: Not Scottish - I know, but this is a word which is very widely used.

glass of whisky

Have you ever tried a wee dram of whisky?

Wang Fei: Mm, Ok. What's the word, then?

Finn: Today's word is wee.

Wang Fei: Wii? 是不是日本的那种视频电子游戏机。 Surely that's Authentic Real Japanese?!

Finn: Authentic Real Japanese?! No, not Wii! That's spelled W-I-I, Nintendo Wii 任天堂那个 Wii. Not that one. The word I mean is spelled W-E-E, and it’s also pronounced wee, and it means small or little.

Wang Fei: 哦,这个词比较好记。Nice and easy to remember! W-E-E.

Finn: Wee. Quite often you'll hear it together with the word 'bit'. A wee bit. Listen to these examples.


I might be a wee bit late, please just wait for me.

You're looking a wee bit tired, are you ok?

I'm a wee bit hungry, fancy getting a sandwich?

Wang Fei: 我明白了, a wee bit 意思就是 a little bit, 一点点儿的意思。 How else can we use this word, Finn?

Finn: Well, a wee bit is probably what you'll hear most often, but what do you think the word wee means here?


When I was wee, I used to love climbing trees!

Wang Fei: When I was wee… 意思是说 when I was young?

Finn: That's right – when I was young - though you'll more likely hear Scottish people say this! Now, there is another phrase using wee which I'm going to tell you in a moment, but first – tell me, what is the most famous Scottish drink?

Wang Fei: 我想一定是 whisky. 是不是威士忌酒?

Finn: That’s right – do you like it? 你喜欢吗?

Wang Fei: Yes, but it's a bit strong, maybe only a small glass.

Finn: Just a small glass? Well, we have a word for a glass of whisky in Scotland, which is a dram.

Wang Fei: A dram.

Finn: So if you want a small dram, how do you say that?

Wang Fei: Can I have a wee dram?

Finn: A wee dram?Really?

Wang Fei: No, maybe later.

Finn: But you’re right. That’s right. That’s the right way to say it – a wee dram.

Wang Fei: A wee dram. 好的,我们节目结束后去喝一小杯苏格兰威士忌 a wee dram.

Finn: A wee dram.

Wang Fei: 好的,这就是我们今天的关键词 W-E-E, wee!

Finn: If you have time, why not have a wee look at our website!

Wang Fei: Sure – our address is bbcukchina.com!

Both: Bye.