Awesome 太好了

The script of this programme 本节目台词


William: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English, I'm William Kremer.

Yang Li: And I'm Yang Li.

William: And your task, Yang Li, is to guess today's word, OK?

Yang Li: OK.

William: Awesome. Li, try a piece of cake…

Yang Li: A cake? Oh, thanks! It's nice…

William: Do you like it? Awesome. They're pretty awesome cakes, huh?!

Yang Li: Yes, I think I know what this week's word is. It's, erm…


Would you call these cakes awesome?

William: Hang on, try some of this coffee as well, Li – it's really…

Yang Li: Awesome?

William: Ha... Exactly, you got it. Ok, listen to this. Which three adjectives are used?


This party is awesome. The food is amazing. The wine is excellent.

Yang Li: Awesome, amazing and excellent.

William: That's right. Awesome means excellent or amazing.

Yang Li: Awesome 这个词的意思是太棒了,太好了。这个词由来已久,原本的意思是令人感到震惊惊讶,不过美国俚语把它变成了一个高度赞扬性的词儿,意思是太好了!

William: Yes, these days the word can be used to describe almost anything.


These shoes are awesome.

This is an awesome radio programme.

Wow, you are awesome at singing, mate!

William: And there is one slightly different usage of this word. Listen to this.


A: Are you free to come for hotpot tonight?

B: Yes, I should be.

A: Awesome. That makes four of us!

William: So what does awesome mean there, Li?

Yang Li: 我觉得这个词儿和 great 差不多,比如听某人说了一件你喜欢的事就可以说太好了 awesome!

William: That's it. Awesome can also be used to mean great, or that's great, at the beginning of a sentence.

Yang Li: Awesome! That's clear now.

William: Awesome. And that's the end of this awesome programme.

Yang Li: William, do you have any cakes left?

William: Er, just one. Do you want to share it?

Yang Li: Awesome. Bye.

William: Bye.