Anorak 有怪僻的人

The script of this programme 本节目台词


Train noise

William: Oh, there goes another train.

Wang Fei: What do you mean, another train? It was a D5900 Class diesel-electric locomotive, the last one in operation.

William: Erm, ok.

Wang Fei: And due to arrive at 1203 is the Class 170 "Turbostar" British diesel-multiple-unit train from Edinburgh.

William: Great.


An anorak may look at trains from a very different perspective

Wang Fei: You don't sound very interested.

William: I'm not. You do realise that you are a complete anorak when it comes to trains, Wang Fei.

Train noise

Wang Fei: An anorak? 你是说皮猴? Yes, I'm wearing an anorak, but I'm not a kind of coat, William, I'm Wang Fei.

William: Well yeah, well the word anorak is used to describe people who have an obsessive hobby about something that not many people are interested in.

Wang Fei: 明白了,原来 anorak 可以用来形容一个有特殊和古怪爱好的人。 Like train spotting? But I thought everyone liked it!

William: What's so interesting about standing in the cold, waiting for rare types of train to arrive? The only trains I'm interested in are the ones which get me from A to B.


He is a total anorak. He always stays in and watches Star Trek.

My friend is a bit of an anorak when it comes to dance music. He knows every DJ and every track, when they were published, how high they got in the charts. I prefer just to dance to it!

Wang Fei: So you really don't like trains?

William: I don't mind them, I just don't find them that interesting. And it's so cold in this country that you need to wear that huge anorak while you wait for them, which is where the phrase came from.

Wang Fei: 这个词的来历很有意思, 因为一个有看火车癖好的人需要穿上一件特别保暖的皮猴才能抗寒,所以久而久之人们就把这类人成为 anorak 一个有怪僻的人。

William: Yes, that's it.

Wang Fei: So if this phrase exists, it must mean there are a lot of people like me?

William: Well, you don't see many. Maybe you could try a train spotting website, Wang Fei.

Wang Fei: Hang on. Is that... 你看,站台的那边是不是站着一个穿长皮猴的人?手里还拿着一个夹子,好像也在等火车哪?!

William: Oh, go and say hello.


Wang Fei: Hello, are you waiting for…

Anorak: The Class 170 "Turbostar"…

Wang Fei: British diesel-multiple-unit …

Anorak: From Edinburgh, due to arrive at 1203? Yes! And your name is?

Train noise

William: Well, I don't know. Whatever makes you happy! Bye from me.