Savvy 懂行(的人)

The script of this programme 本节目台词


William: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English, I'm William Kremer.

Wang Fei: And I'm Wang Fei. I hope we can finish recording quickly today.

William: Oh, why's that?

Wang Fei: I need to get to the bank before it closes.

William: I see.

Wang Fei: Yes, just need to move some money around. 我需要把一些钱存入我的高利息账户。

William: High-interest account.

Bank notes and an abacus

Counting the pennies: Are you savvy with money?

Wang Fei: 还要转移一些到我的理财账户里。

William: Investment accounts. Wow Wang Fei, you really are quite money-savvy aren't you?

Wang Fei: Money what?

William: Money-savvy. It means you're good with money. You know what you're doing with it, how to invest it, that kind of thing.

Wang Fei: Well, I guess I am. William 说我是 money-savvy 意思是我对理财特别懂行。

William: I wish I was a bit more money-savvy! But I am quite good with technology. You know, you wouldn't need to rush to the bank if you tried online banking Wang Fei.

Wang Fei: Online banking, 也就是网上银行。我一点都不喜欢。 I just don't really trust it.

William: Maybe you should try it.

Wang Fei: No, I just don't feel safe doing that. I'm not very... can I say... technologically savvy?

William: Yes, technologically savvy or you can just say tech-savvy...

Wang Fei: Tech-savvy.

William: Or you might say I'm not very web-savvy, as we're talking about the web, the internet.


I wouldn't recommend you go down that street after dark. It's just not safe. And you're not very street-savvy to be honest with you.

A: So what do you think of the new flower shop?

B: It's in a good location, and the owner is really business-savvy. I'm sure it'll be a great success.

Wang Fei: Money-savvy, tech-savvy...

William: Business-savvy.

Wang Fei: Yes!

William: You can be savvy about a lot of things. So are you going to the bank in the end?

Wang Fei: No I think I will sign up for an online account. Give it a go.

William: And I might buy those stocks you were suggesting.

Wang Fei: Great. And let's hope all our listeners are a bit more slang-savvy after this programme.

William: Yeah. Bye for now.

Wang Fei: Bye.