Sick 很酷的

The script of this programme 本节目台词


William: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English, I'm William.

Yang Li: And I'm Yang Li.

William: Li are you wearing make-up today?

Yang Li: Yes, do you like it? It's not too much?

William: I think you look sick.

Yang Li: What?

A woman

Her eye make-up looks sick.

William: Sick!

Yang Li: But I feel fine. I'm perfectly healthy.

William: No, you don't look ill, you look sick!

Yang Li: Sorry I just don't get it. 你这人怎么随便说别人看上去病了?

William: Sorry, sorry, sorry. I should explain. It's our expression for the day. Lots of young people in the UK use the word sick to mean cool or great.

Yang Li: 这个说法也太奇怪了?! 太不可思议了,用 sick 这个词来表示 cool.

William: Yes, it is a bit odd. I know one teacher who was confused by this phrase when his student used it in class.

Yang Li: Really? What did they say?

William: Well, it was something like this:


Student: Mr Griffiths!

Teacher: Yes?

Student: Sir, are you wearing new shoes?

Teacher: Yes, I am. Why?

Student: Because they are sick!

Teacher: Sick?

Student: Totally sick, sir.

Teacher: Well, young man. As you find them so terrible, how about you give me 100 lines saying... saying...

Student: No, no, I like them! Sick means cool!

Teacher: First I've heard of it.

Yang Li: 今天真是怪事连连,这个老师居然因为这件事,让学生写100遍保证作为一种惩罚。So what do I say if I really am sick?

William: I'm feeling sick. Or I'm feeling ill.

Yang Li: Ok, 我觉得我们得从上下文才能猜出这句话的真正意思。

William: Anyway, like I was saying I love the make-up Li.But maybe next time don't wear green eye-shadow.

Yang Li: Why?

William: It makes you look a bit, erm sick.

Yang Li: 我算服了。这英语的意思也太难琢磨了。Bye.

William: Bye.