A New Charity Album 蕾安娜和贾斯丁•比伯出慈善唱片

英语学习点: Charities and Giving 慈善和捐助


Rihanna will appear on the charity album

Some of the world's top music stars are coming together in the name of charity. A special album will be released at the end of this week to raise money for victims of the recent massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

U2, Rihanna and Bon Jovi have all agreed to contribute songs to the digital-only release.

The young internet sensation Justin Bieber will also appear on the benefit album. He announced on Twitter: "Japan needs our help... We all need to step up."

There are also rumours that Lady Gaga will donate a song. She has designed a special wristband to sell to fans, with all proceeds going to the relief effort. Last week she announced her fans had raised $250,000 (1.7 million yuan) within the first two days of sales.


Other musicians, including Lou Reed and Philip Glass, will perform at a special fundraiser in New York on April 9th.

While ordinary people often raise money for charity by being sponsored to do something, it has become common for musicians to contribute their voices for a good cause. Last year more than 21 stars sang together on the single 'Everybody Hurts,' in aid of the Haiti earthquake.

Over 9,000 people are known to have died in the recent disaster and over 12,000 people are still missing.

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