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Experiencing 'sand treatment' in Xinjiang

  Tianshannet (Zhu Kaili reported) On Jan 8, it's learned from Turpan Tourism Administration that, on the 12th Xinjiang winter tourist industry trade fair(Xinjiang Winter fair in brief) in 2018,Turpan will build a desert-golden pavilion which looks like a shadow room for raisins,and Turpan winter&spring tourism routes and productions will be displayed there.

  An Jinqiang,chief of Turpan Tourism Administration said:"14 combined tourism routes production are recommend to tourists,these productions is half price before April 20."The theme of 2018 Turpan winter tourism is 'Natural oxygen bar ,Green & healthy tourism.'

  Sand treatment in Turpan is well known nationwide.From the middle of June 6 lunar month to the late of the month annually,which period is called 'sand blooming period',for in this period the local climate is the driest .Many tourists in and outside of Xinjiang will visit Turpan for the sand treatment.In peak season,the visitor amount is more than 6000 per-day.

  In order to let more tourists to experience Turpan sand treatment,in this year, a company in Turpan even prepare free sand treating bags on the fair.

  Ma Junjie,deputy chief of the company said:"we will present sand treating bags freely to tourists during the fair,which could be heated by microwave to allow tourists experiencing sand treatment at home ."

  It's learned that,6 energetic and versatile elderly natives over 90 will bring traditional performances on the fair.