Characteristic breeding leads to a better-off life

In recent years, relying on the business model of "enterprise + market + farmer households", Kuqa City has actively guided farmers to breed meat rabbits and long haired rabbits to increase their income continually.

Stars shine in the early winter sky in Qinghe County, NW China's Xinjiang

There is an observatory on the mountain far from the Qinglong Lake Park in Qinghe County. As the night falls, stars sprinkle and shine when one looks up to the night sky while standing on the mountain.

The snow-white new cotton

In recent years, Alar City has followed a development concept of the entire industrial chain, optimized the layout of cotton industry and built a comprehensive textile industrial city integrating spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, and clothing.

The fragrance of rice wafts along in the fields with beautiful scenery in Hotan County

Daoxiang Village, Hanairike Town of Hotan County, covering an area of 32 hectares and housing 1,166 people of 219 households.

Ostrich breeding supports Abibulla's dream of getting better-off

Ostrich eggshells can be used to make handicrafts, and each can be sold for hundreds or even thousands of yuan. It is roughly estimated that the economic benefit an ostrich could bring can reach about 10,000 yuan.