The Lies of Pompeo and Adrian Zenz Cannot Deter the Progress of Xinjiang

Here, I must warn Pompeo and Adrian Zenz that you cannot represent the people of Xinjiang, nor can you represent the Chinese people, let alone the right or qualification to comment on and interfere with Xinjiang’s affairs.   [MORE]

Notorious Mike Pompeo and Adrian Zenz: Your Plot Will Never Succeed

The facts of Xinjiang’s social stability, economic prosperity and people’s peaceful and content live are on the board and the aspiration of the people of all ethnic groups for a better life is before our eyes.   [MORE]

Lies of Pompeo and Adrian Zenz Cannot Erase the Progress of the Cause of Human Rights in Xinjiang

Pompeo and Adrian Zenz’s despicable behavior and shameful tactics will not succeed. We firmly believe that any defamation cannot block the process of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and any rumour cannot erase the facts of the development and progress of human rights in Xinjiang.   [MORE]

The Lies of Pompeo and Adrian Zenz Cannot Cover The Truth

Whatever Pompeo and Adrian Zenz may say, they can no longer cover the facts. And their well-planned schemes will be exposed. We must stand up and unite together. I appeal to the cadres and the people of all ethnic groups, students, experts and scholars, religious people, and all compatriots and comrades who love the motherland and Xinjiang. Let us come forward and condemn the despicable acts of Pompeo and Adrian Zenz, making their ulterior intentions known to the public.   [MORE]

Pompeo and Adrian Zenz: Your Absurd Performance Will End Soon

Pompeo and Adrian Zenz, you need to stop your fantasy of damaging relations between different ethnic groups in Xinjiang through calling black and white and talking nonsense, and destroying the hard-won stability and unity in Xinjiang. Don’t be absurd! Every member of the Chinese nation’s family will not be blinded by your lies, nor will they change the firm strides in continuous unity and progress because of your wanton stigmatization and smear. Your absurd performance will end as a poor farce.   [MORE]

Any Lie that Ignores the Truth Will Uncover Itself

History won’t be changed by lies. Any lie that ignores the truth will uncover itself. People of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will never consent any act that undermines harmony and stability in Xinjiang and will never allow any external forces and individuals to interfere in China’s internal affairs. Pompeo, Adrian Zenz, your accusation and fallacies will be proven as jokes and will be criticized and abandoned by the world. A historic trial and liquidation also awaits them.   [MORE]

No Lie Can Deter Our Strides Forward

How can dark clouds cover the sun? No defamation can prevent the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang from moving forward together. No rumour can erase the progress of human rights development in Xinjiang. No attempt can interrupt the prosperity and development of Xinjiang!   [MORE]

Facts Are More Powerful Than Eloquence We Will Never Be Abducted by Lies

Xinjiang’s today is in its best development period. The people of Xinjiang will never be abducted by the shameless lies of Pompeo and Adrian Zenz. We firmly believe that Xinjiang will have a better tomorrow!   [MORE]

Remarks of Mike Pompeo and Adrian Zenz Are Nothing But Nonsense

Xinjiang is China’s Xinjiang, people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are determined to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests, and are resolute to maintain Xinjiang’s development, stability and national unity. Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, we are more confident, determined and committed than ever to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Any plot to curb China’s development will never succeed. Any plot to undermine the prosperity and stability of Xinjiang is doomed to fail!   [MORE]

The Vicious Attack of Pompeo and Adrian Zenz Cannot Deter the Progress and Ethnic Unity in Xinjiang

The purpose of Pompeo and Adrian Zenz’s fabrication of the “genocide” is not to make up lies, but to use them to smear us. Their real intention is to damage the stability and harmony among different ethnic groups, undermine the great unity of our ethnic groups, and hinder China’s development. Their evil intentions have long been recognized by us. As a member of the Communist Party of China and a ethnic government official, I will continue to start from trivial things and will be down to earth and do a good job in ethnic unity. I will always love the motherland and my hometown, and contribute my part to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.   [MORE]