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Indiscreet Remarks upon Our Happy Life Are Discarded

Rouzimaimaiti Tudahong from Langan Township, Huocheng County, Ili Prefecture

Recently, the anti-China forces in the US and the West publicly said that there was “forced labor” in Xinjiang. As an ordinary person who has lived in Xinjiang since childhood, I think what they said is ridiculous. We live freely here and enjoy all the rights enjoyed by Chinese citizens. There is no “forced labor”.

My name is Rouzimaimaiti Tudahong. In 1994, I found that the border trade was highly profitable. With the support of national policies and the encouragement of my family, I started to engage in clothing sales at Horgos port which has been in operation for seven years. During these seven years, I’ve enjoyed the free border trade policy and the living conditions of my family became better and better. In 2001, under the horn of western development, I made use of the advantages of abundant fruits in our country to sell fruits from Shanxi, Jiangxi, Shandong and other provinces to Horgos port. At the same time, I also sold Xinjiang characteristic fruit to Kazakhstan and other neighboring countries through the port. My annual income is more than 400,000 yuan, which enables me to live in a big house with bright and clean windows, drive a private car, build a shed, raise cattle and sheep, and lead a prosperous life.

During my 25 years of entrepreneurship, I have been free to choose my own way of doing business, and decide what to do and where to do business. I have also benefited from many preferential policies of the state, such as free entrepreneurship training, tax exemption and so on. My business has grown bigger and my income has also increased.

I am proud to be born in Xinjiang, China. People of all ethnic groups here live in a free and equal environment. They all enjoy the right to fairness and freedom and create wealth with their own hands. Those anti-China forces in the US and the West who look at China’s Xinjiang with colored spectacles, please put away your ugly faces!