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Sanctions can Never Daunt us!

Guo Hui, an employee of Xinjiang DAQO New Energy Co., Ltd.

Recently, the anti-China forces of the United States and the West were hell-bent on having their own way and spread in public the absurd rumors about the existence of so-called “forced labor” in Xinjiang. Their egregious behaviour of throwing mud at Xinjiang unscrupulously will surely be despised by people of all ethnic groups.

In July 2009, I came from Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province to Urumqi, Xinjiang to study. In September of 2011, I applied to Xinjiang DAQO Company, and signed an intern labor contract. And up until now, having been working in this company for almost ten years, I have grown into a staff member of Technics Management in the tail gas recovery workshop of the company’s production system from a student, with the salary increased about fivefold. I feel very happy to get such a high salary and I am extremely proud that a company with only 500 employees at the beginning has developed into an enterprise with over 2000 staff members and it will soon be listed on the Stock Exchange. At work, I work strenuously with my colleagues, trying to solve the difficult technical problems one after another; while after work, my colleagues and I usually play basketball on the playground in front of the company apartment building, and we often do some exercises in the gymnasium, enjoying a full and comfortable life. At weekends, I visit the nearby regions of Shihezi City with my colleagues and friends and I have visited almost all the famous tourist attractions and scenic spots in Xinjiang on my annual leave or statutory long holidays.

How can a person who is forced to labor have such a life? As an outstanding enterprise that operates legally and assumes its social responsibilities bravely, our company has made great contributions to the clean energy undertaking of the globe. While as a great power, some American and Western politicians are so irresponsible, unreasonable and shameless! They fabricated lies and fallacies concerning “forced labor” and imposed sanctions on us, which will only be sneered by people all over the world. These sanctions will never daunt us, on the contrary, they will urge me to work harder. we all believe that justice may be late, but will never be absent!