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Lies Can Never Cover up the Truth

Rukia Abudoani, Xinjiang Agricultural Vocational and Technical College

Recently, the anti-China forces of the US and the West has wantonly stigmatized that “forced labor” existed in Xinjiang, which is a trick commonly used by anti-China forces in the United States and the West. After seeing the rapid development and flourishing change, they spread rumors wantonly with sinister intentions.

Today , Xinjiang’s overall situation continues to be stable and good, with no explosive and terrorism cases for five consecutive years, creating high-quality development in economy, constantly improving in comprehensive economic strength, winning overall victory in poverty alleviation. People’s living standards have improved significantly. What do these changes depend on? They depend on good policies, and on the collective wisdom and common struggle of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. “Forced labor” doesn’t exist in Xinjiang. The people of all ethnic groups are voluntary, autonomous and free in their work and employment.

The cotton farmer Bakli Suwur from Kuqa, was very angry at the remarks about “forced labor”. He said: “We hired workers to pick the cotton. They can earn over 10,000 yuan for about two months. Everybody scrambled to do it. We plant our own land, pick our own cotton, earn our own money. How could this be ‘forced labor’? Those slanderers don’t want to defend our rights at all but to destroy our livelihood to make us jobless, foodless. We will never agree.”

Qimanguly Kurban’s family from Happy Garden community in Bachu County of Kashgar Prefecture, used to live in Gagda Village, Yingwustan Township, Bachu County, where there are many people and little land. She and her husband had no stable income. “You can’t live with the subsistence allowances all your life,” she thought. The battle against poverty was launched in an all-round way, bringing spring breeze to the Qimanguly’s family. In January, 2008, they moved to the new residence houses for low-and-medium wage earners. To ensure the relocated households get rid of poverty stably, Shanghai has successively invested a lot of funds in poverty alleviation in Xinjiang, introducing village-run factories, building business zone, strengthening skills training for the poor, and guide villagers to work in cities or start their own businesses. That June, Qimanguly went to work in a company with stable income. Relying on her own hard work, she became the team leader. Rukyem Mamatureym and his wife live in Yarmali Village Aoyitoglak Township,Yutian County of Hotan Prefecture went to work in the city and got rid of poverty. They said: “We work to earn money to make our life better. No one forced us and we need no force.”

For a long time, governments at all levels in Xinjiang have attached great importance to the issue of labor and employment and made every attempt to help the employment of all ethnic groups, which is the biggest livelihood project. This is an obvious sign of the development and progress of human rights in Xinjiang and it is also a remarkable achievement of the Chinese government’s policy of governing Xinjiang. Xinjiang’s labor and employment security policy and its practice, conform to the Constitution of China, and conform to international labor and human rights standards, corresponding to strong desire of living a good life of all the ethnic groups in Xinjiang. These policies benefit people’s livelihood, comply with public opinion and win the support of the people.

Anti-China forces in the United States and the West stigmatized the fact, wantonly slandered the so-called “forced labor” problem of Xinjiang, smeared Xinjiang’s labor and employment security work, vainly attempted to deprive the labor rights of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, to make all the Xinjiang people live in the poverty of self isolation and closed backwardness, to impede all ethnic groups in Xinjiang from striving for happy life. We warn those anti-China forces in the United States and the West: the attempt to undermine the prosperity and stability of Xinjiang is bound to fail! Work changes life, and work creates happiness! The lives of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will be better!