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The Happy Life of the People in Xinjiang Should Not Be Smeared and Distorted

Abulikemu Abudekader, Yili Normal University

Recently, the anti-China forces in the US and some other western countries have slandered the existence of “forced labor” in Xinjiang. This ugly and clumsy act has entirely exposed the hypocrisy and “double standards” application of the anti-China forces in the US and some other western countries.

We should see clearly the ugly and evil face of the anti-China forces in the US and some other western countries who have concocted the “forced labor”. “A gentleman should speak about good deeds,” is an admonition that has been passed down by Chinese ancestors for thousands of years, which is a must for those politicians to learn and understand. Instead of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, they might as well look at themselves in the mirror: which country has incidences of brutal law enforcement by white policemen killing black men? Which country passively contains the pandemic, causing more than 70000 death of the Covid-19, leaving the situation uncontrolled? Which country stores up a vast array of problems, such as the domestic firearms abuse, illegal trafficking of workers, illegal hiring of child labor, frequent hatred crimes and social security problems? Isn’t it enough for such a country to reflect thoroughly on these problems? Countless facts have proved that it is the US and some other western countries that seriously infringe on the rights and interests of workers and it is in these countries that forced labor exists! The world can see clearly who is inciting conflicts and confrontations and endangering the world peace and stability? These politicians in the US and other western countries have tried every means in spreading rumors and slandering China’s policy of governing Xinjiang, whose sinister intentions are completely bare there and then.

The “forced labor” is a lie wantonly slandered by the anti-China forces in the US and other individual western countries. Only the people of Xinjiang know the best whether it is good or not. The people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have won the all-round victory in poverty alleviation. Xinjiang has stepped into the well-off society at the same pace with the whole country, completely accomplished the arduous task of eliminating absolute poverty, and actively offered China’s contribution to building the world community with a shared future for mankind. I am not only an educator in Xinjiang, but also a witness to the continuous improvement of the people’s sense of achievements, happiness and security in Xinjiang. During the days of working on the village work team, I witnessed the Party’s good polices successfully carried out for poor people in Xinjiang to have sufficient food and clothing, having guaranteed the elderly with social security, the young with education opportunity. I also saw that the Party’s good polices help thousands of young and middle-aged people go out of countryside, learn their work skills, broaden their world vision, and actualize their life value. Hundreds of thousands of cadres are working at the units of the grass-roots level and devoting themselves to helping the villages get rid of poverty. Their efforts has brought great changes to the countryside, which has won the people’s sincere support for the Party. On this rich land of Xinjiang, the blood of compatriots of all ethnic groups is thicker than water, showing a new atmosphere of unity and progress, prosperity and harmony.

A lie repeated a thousand times is still a lie. The anti-China forces in the US and other western countries have for many times neglected the basic facts and smeared Xinjiang on their own will. Their conspiracy to interfere in other country’s internal affairs will eventually be doomed to fail. Their notorious evil intentions, like kicking against the brick, will undoubtedly be defeated.