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Worshiping Work, Be a Happy Dream Chaser

Abuduany, Xinjiang Agricultural Vocational and Technical College

Living is created by hard work, so is life; honor belongs to workers, so does happiness. These are the unchangeable truth. Recently, the anti-China forces of the US and the West slandered that “forced labor” exists in Xinjiang, which made me angry. No matter how bad the anti-China forces of the US and the West stigmatize Xinjiang, it can not stop Xinjiang’s economic and social development and can not influence the peaceful and content life of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

In August, 2005, I came to Yarkant technical school in Kashgar to provide counterpart assistance. During my 5-year work there, I cultivate a batch of students with processional skills. They work hard in kinds of industries and live happily. Xyrely Nurmamat is one of them. He graduated from Yarkant technical school in 2014. To improve the living conditions, he came to work in a garage. He was modest and studious. He learned more skills from experienced workers and accumulated some funds. Then he collected 10000 yuan, started a 40 square meters garage and recruited two apprentices. At beginning, he faced many difficulties because of technical deficiency, limited space, unfamiliar with the market and lack of funds. In 2016, I led the representatives of the employment guide and professional teachers to pay return visits to graduates and gave him special support. The school also provided him training sites and equipment. He relieved incubation training at school with technical guidance of excellent teachers, and Xyrely made rapid progress. With his diligent and down-to-earth work, his business became more and more prosperous. In 2021, he raised 850,000 yuan by himself and built a bigger garage. He hired 3 technicians and trained 10 apprentices himself. Xyrely changed his fate through education, made a fortune through mastering technology and created happy life through his hard work. He is grateful to his school, so he uses his technology to teach more students from his school and his hardworking and entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring people around him.

Like Xyrely Nurmamat, all ethnic groups work voluntarily and happily. They worship work and they are happy dream-chasers. There in no “forced labor” that those conspirators said. The governments at all levels in Xinjiang protect workers’ basic rights according to the law. Except implementing national laws and regulations, Regulations of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on the Protection of Workers’ Labor Rights and Interests and a series of local regulations and policies are promulgated, forming complete policy system of labor rights protection. However, many countries in the West, especially in America, are short of laws to protect labor rights, and their disguised coercion and ugly oppression are abominable, which is an obvious contrast to Xinjiang’s protection on labor rights. As a teacher, I feel the fallacy of the “forced labor” cooked up by anti-China forces quite absurd and ridiculous. Whether I or my fellow citizens are free men worshiping work. There is no so called “forced labor”.

Nothing is difficult in a diligent world. “The journey is long, only if struggle can conquer it. We have gone through thousands of rivers and mountains through struggle. We will continue to struggle and forge ahead bravely to create more brilliant brilliance!” On the way to happiness, all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will strive to build a beautiful Xinjiang and draw a gorgeous picture of a prosperous country and a strong people. All those who slander the fruits of our labor are paper tigers.