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Where is “Forced Labor”? Justice is in the Heart of the People

Zayida Xaymardan, Xinjiang Agricultural Vocational and Technical College

My hometown is the Manglai Township in Moyu County of Hotan Prefecture. If there is shortage of labor in the villagers’ homes, the government will help them with the development of livestock, to get rich through raising cattle and sheep; if there is surplus labor at home, the government will encourage young people to work in the city; if their walnuts and dates don’t sell well, the village will bring college student volunteers to help villagers to do livestreaming promotion. A series of measures have brought earth shaking changes to my hometown as a whole, and the appearance of the village has changed significantly. As soon as you enter the village, you will be greeted with the spacious asphalt road, clean courtyard, neat forest belt and orchard, kind smiles, and even the initiative hello from the children. Behind the fruitful achievements are pairs of feet heading forward, embarking on the course of struggle, pairs of hands to weave the happy pictures, pairs of expectant eyes looking forward to a brighter future. Influenced by the historical and natural factors, the development of southern Xinjiang lags behind with weak economy and serious insufficient employment carrying capacity. However, now many villagers have got employment or started their own businesses. All ethnic groups have enjoyed happy lives through hard work.

Recently, the anti-China forces of the US and the West stigmatized that “forced labor” exists in Xinjiang, their ability to call a deer a horse astonished me. With the help of the Party and the government, people from my hometown go to the cities to work spontaneously, to learn a skill in their free time, to get flexible employment, to create beautiful life with work, so the joy of harvest appeared on their faces, energy fill up their body, confidence about a good future stay in their mind. I deeply feel that great changes have taken place in my hometown both in the economy and in the working environment. People believe that as long as there is energy, sand can pile into mountains. People are willing to work and they love work.

The anti-China forces in the west and good fact-distorters groundless accuse Xinjiang again. Xinjiang develops stably and prosperously. People’s lives are better and better. All ethnic groups have enjoyed the rapid economic achievement and felt satisfied and proud. The lie of “forced labor” aroused repugnance, which can’t hold water.

The lie of the anti-China forces in the United States and the West will defeat itself in the face of truths. They can deceive themselves but they can’t deceive the world. As the old saying goes, the spring river is warm and duck is the prophet. Only we know whether the Xinjiang people have enjoyed good lives or not. We have rights to choose the development road that is suitable for us, to chase our own happiness. Others don’t have a say. Now, I strongly advise those shameful slanderers not to underestimate Chinese people’s determination to safeguard national interests and national dignity.