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People with Malicious Motives are Bound to Be Punished in the End

Dilimulati Wusiman, an employee of Xinjiang Hoshine Silicon Industry Co., Ltd.

My name is Dilimulati Wusiman, 25 years old. I am an employee of Xinjiang Hoshine Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. I was very indignant when I heard the anti-China forces in the United States and the West telling in public the lies and rumors about the existence of “forced labor” in Xinjiang. Our company has always been operating in accordance with laws and regulations, attaching great importance to the company’s reputation, and fulfilling our social responsibilities. There has never been the so-called “forced labor” at all, and it is nothing but a blatant lie fabricated by the US government who confounded black and white with evil intentions. As a Uygur employee of the company, I have the best say.

Before I entered Xinjiang Hoshine Silicon Industry Company, I worked in a repair shop and earned less than 3000 yuan a month. In August 2018, when I saw the recruitment information of Hoshine Silicon Industry Corporation, I decided to apply for the job and successfully joined the company. Being experienced and skilled, I got 8900 yuan in the first month of my employment, which was much more than many white-collar workers, and I am quite satisfied with that. The company provided us with double-room dormitories equipped with lavatories, kitchens, and all kinds of home appliances, such as air-conditioners and TV sets and so on. Meanwhile, people here have an easy access to all kinds of public sports centers and cultural venues. The company fully guarantees the rights of all ethnic groups, such as the right to gain payment, the right to rest on festivals, the right to the labor safety and health protection and the right to freedom of religious beliefs. I am living a very happy life in the company, and life is getting better and better. During the three years of my working in the company, I not only paid off the debt of 70,000 yuan but also saved a large sum of money, with which I plan to build a house in my hometown and the cement and red bricks have already been ready to be used. I came to work in Hoshine Silicon Industry Company completely voluntarily, there is no one forcing me to work at all.

With such a good working environment and living conditions, a lot of people have been dreaming of joining our company, no one has to be forced to do so. How poor the US government’s pretext of the “forced labor” is! They took sanctions against our company on the inexplicable excuse, forcing us to lose our jobs and go back into poverty, which is so detestable, shameful and resentful!